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Feel free to listen to a demo of three songs from the album.





Courtesy of Gavin Fitzgerald - Editor - The Songsmith (Songwriting Society of Australia)

- February 2018 Concert - Volume 31 Issue 01

Beautiful Dream - "...has such a strong flowing melody that I instantly remembered it from when I've been

at The Harbourview. Almost lilting in an Irish melody, the song has haunting lyrics that grabbed the


Feel Worthy Now - "...had a good melody and you can tell Gia means what she sings. Quiet and gentle in

her way, but all the more  powerful as it's a true representation of herself."

When Will You - "The soft, pulsing piano started "When Will You?" which are its questions with tasty

melodies, which had dynamics in their memorable hooks.  A song that definitely entranced the audience's

ears, as "Life is not a dress rehearsal".  A sentiment I'm sure we all could follow.  A great set, for a

newcomer to the Society stage...."

Courtesy of Gavin Fitzgerald - Editor - The Songsmith (Songwriting Society of Australia)

-  April 2018 Concert - Volume 31 Issue 03

Beyond This Time [Suddenly] - "...a song about life. The melodic, flowing piano settled Peter, who had been

walking around.  Gia has a positive essence in [her] presentation and lyrics. Combine that with her smooth,

persuasive vocals and you get an easy feel from her material that's very calming.  Gia's lyrics are

conversational, like chatting with a good friend, but always have strong melodies.  Team that up with a

good hook song and you have a great performance."

That Is Why - "...has fluid, entrancing power lines and a bluesy edge to the vocal.  Good lyrics in a tight

performance that's almost like true, experienced advice.  The chorus is very hooky with a strong melody.  A

tune beautifully done."


Contrasts - "After getting rejections following a great long-term job's end, Gia was despondent,

so she wrote [the job song] to cheer herself up.  So, it's quite a humorous song done in an almost nursery

rhyme style.  The piano melody riff is very tasty.  A definite song to uplift you when you are feeling down.  

Once again, the chorus features a strong melody."

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