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Short Bio

Gia Clarissa is a singer/songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Her music genre is mainstream inspirational, crediting her influences from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.   The title of her album is, "Life is not a dress live in the present." 

During her early years growing up in Baguio City, she was a shy, introverted girl who loved music but was too fearful to pursue it.  Decades later, she woke up from her self-imposed limitations and decided to appreciate the musical inspiration gained from her uncle, Tito Mina (a musician from the Original Pilipino Music era) and her nephew, Raf Camit  (a musician also from Baguio City, previously known as Driggy - a rap artist).

​She composed her first song in the 90’s, made it to the ‘Song’s on Stage’ final in 2016, recorded an Album in 2017 titled, "Life is not a dress live in the present", and placed Top 10 in the Australian Songwriting Association’s ‘Lyricist’ category in 2019.

After overcoming cancer and treatments in 2018 and 2019, she resumed her love for music and had several gigs on the 3rd Friday of each month at Lava Bar & Grill in Seven Hills prior to Covid-19. She will resume performing at a future venue (Lava Bar or others) once she is able to.  She remains appreciative of Russell Neal and his ‘Songs’ on Stage gigs’ at The Harbourview Hotel and other venues with John & Linda Chesher and other hosts.

​Singing both covers and original songs while on the piano or keyboard, her musical pieces are melodic and introspective.

​​“You don’t have to be perfect before you start…just give it a go…and you won’t regret it. Life is about getting to know yourself from within; living, learning and improving from the mistakes you make;  enjoying every moment you can; counting the blessings;  forgiving yourself and others; living a life of purpose or if you can't think of one at present, living a life of appreciation; expanding your mind and your life; making a positive difference where you can; and most importantly, valuing yourself and those you love.”

She has uploaded Version 2 of all the songs from her first album, with the exception of 'Contrasts'.  The song 'Let us give' has been included. Check these videos out on 'Vimeo' under Gia Clarissa Music.  Version 2 songs were not recorded in a studio which means it can be improved much more.  Enjoy!

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