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This first album, "Life is not a dress live in the present", is a personal journey rather than an end in itself.

Little did I know that it would be those particular points in life that would eventually lead to the creation of this first self-titled album.

The songs reflected the feelings and thoughts at the time, and although most of the songs were highly introspective and sentimental, the chosen tempo and beats were influenced by an understanding and appreciation of 'vibration/energy'.  

The tempo/BPM (beats per minute) of the songs range from 41-67-98-124-134 because at the time, I had read an article about the importance of selecting the right 'vibrational' beat, rather than whether the songs would be 'radio' worthy. 

While listening to this album recently, it dawned on me that a fresh approach would be beneficial.  So, I've decided on creating an updated version. 

Although there are new songs in the pipeline, my next project is to re-record this album with more percussion and a 'live band' feel to it.  Watch this space.  I anticipate this re-recording will be done by the end of this year (2020).

I hope the current recording of these songs deliver a different perspective in life, and one where you get to read and understand the lyrics, while appreciating the simple and soothing melodies. 

I wish for you a fulfilled life; one that brings you inner joy; one where you can be true to yourself; a life where you can smile because you have given your best with the abilities and resources you've been given, and are feeling satisfied with your efforts.

The title of the song, in a way, has this underlying message of "As no one really knows when it's their time to go", isn't it best to be in a frame of mind that allows one to grow, contribute, co-exist, and enjoy the moments?  

You make your life better the moment you decide to release the past, forgive yourself, allow the future to happen, remain unattached to the outcome, while you live in the present moment.  After all, this moment is all you really have, so learn from it and enjoy it.


And as one of my favourite authors (Andrew Matthews) stated in his other book, "How Life Works" (gifted to me at least 20 years since I read his first book), on page 139, "Your mission is to feel as good as possible every minute, every hour, every day. That is how life works."  And further, as Abraham Hicks states, "If all you did was just look for things to appreciate, you would live a joyous, spectacular life."


In my personal opinion, things happen for a special reason...and that reason sometimes won't be clear until one day, you'll look back and say, "Aha!"

Thank you.

Album Title: Life is not a dress rehearsal…so live in the present
Artist: Gia Clarissa
All songs composed by Gia Clarissa
All lyrics written by Gia Clarissa except Tracks 7 and 8 by Nick 
All keyboard and vocals by Gia Clarissa
All other instruments: percussion and guitar by Helmut Uhlmann; drums by Alex Cake on Track 3
Produced, Recorded and Engineered at Bunk Bed Beats Songwriting and Production Suite by: Helmut Uhlmann and Alex Cake

Bunk Bed Beats -
Edited, Mixed and Mastered by: Helmut Uhlmann
Graphic Design: Samantha Jade Reinke -
Photography: Studio 1000 Penrith    

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