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This first album, "Life is not a dress live in the present", is a personal journey rather than an end in itself.

Little did I know that it would be the low points in my life that would eventually lead to the creation of my first self-titled album:  Life is not a dress rehearsal so live in the present.

I moved to Sydney during my mid-teens, was homesick, lonely, and fearful.  I had a fear of public speaking and used to cry in front of the class, when I attended tertiary preparation high school as a result of not having a social life for 5 years, while helping in the family business, 7 days a week, since moving to this beautiful country of Australia.

In those early years, I read the books, 'The Magic of Thinking Big' by David J Schwartz, and 'Being Happy' by Andrew Matthews, as well as those written by Abraham Hicks, Catherine Ponder, Chad Helmstetter, Dale Carnegie, James Allen, John Kehoe, Joseph Murphy, Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Paramahansa Yogananda, Wallace D Wattles, and Dr Wayne Dyer to name a few. The two aforementioned books helped me learn the value of the power of choice.

I was an average person who had simple dreams and goals such as finishing high school, then maybe college, then perhaps landing a decent job; I had a desire to settle down and start a family; and wanted to get along with people at work while earning a living and giving my best.  I got caught up in the ‘shiny penny syndrome’ several times until I learnt the value of focus and being true to oneself.

To date some achievements include completing studies in Marketing and Management including a Degree in Taxation at a later age, plus having completed a self-titled CD and website  after undergoing the Dream Team Intensive Seminar under JT Foxx, where ‘Speed of Implementation’ was learnt and found to be valuable when applied.  This proved that when there’s a will, there’s a way. No excuses. The next phase in this ongoing musical career is to improve musically, work on the next album, and distribute music via the streaming sites.

Life wasn't always enjoyable, having experienced unkindness and disappointments in the past, in addition to family members facing their fair share of obstacles which I could do little to assist, so this album reflects the introspective thoughts and feelings that crossed my mind and filled my heart during those tough times. The benefits of reading the stories and views from the authors mentioned provided a level of perspective and resilience which has enabled me to remain optimistic. 

I was only partially interested in playing the piano during my younger years (used to avoid practicing in order to seek other activities), in relation to signing, I had lacked confidence and had minimal vocal training, but this didn't stop me from composing music.  My first attempt at writing poetry failed miserably however, due to trying to follow the tempo of Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven'. This resulted in Nick and I laughing so much about it that I gave writing a pause. However, once I became more aligned with a sense of self, more accepting of myself and others, and less focused on gaining other people's approval, the words started flowing from my heart.  

I hope the songs can show you or your loved ones a different perspective in life, and that you get to read and understand the lyrics, while appreciating its simple but beautiful melodies. 

It is my opinion that this album will resonate with individuals who:
- have overcome or are currently trying to overcome any kind of resistance or difficult experiences;
- have made a decision to move forward despite any setbacks;
- choose to do the best with what they have; 

- believe that ultimately, this is their life to live and therefore, they are responsible for their own success or failure; and
- individuals who choose to live in the present moment.

I wish for you a fulfilled life; one that brings you inner joy; one where you can be true to yourself; a life where you can smile because you have given your best with the abilities and resources you've been given, and are feeling satisfied with your efforts.

Who knows when you will breathe your final breath? You  might as well be in a frame of mind that allows you to grow, contribute, co-exist, and enjoy the moments.  

You make your life better the moment you decide to release the past, forgive yourself, allow the future to happen in due course, being unattached to the outcome while you live in the present moment.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, so live in the present.   This moment is all you really have.


Warmest Regards,
Gia Clarissa


Before I forget, thought to share something noteworthy.  I sometimes wonder, why for example, whether the reason for disappointments, led me to focus on a new perspective.  


My thought process was, "As one never really knows when their time on earth will end, I might as well find my true calling.  I've always loved music but usually shrank back  from giving that my best, and I've already composed and written songs and they're just sitting in a hiding place.  Plus the parable of the talents emphasized the need to utilize one's gifts, so why don't I make use of it?  If I die tomorrow, at least I wouldn't have wasted the talent given to me (no matter how small that talent may be in comparison to others). Plus, considering I have a choice to be happy or sad, I'd rather choose to be happy! "


And as one of my favourite authors (Andrew Matthews) stated in his other book, "How Life Works" (gifted to me at least 20 years since I read his first book - thanks JV), page 139, "Your mission is to feel as good as possible every minute, every hour, every day. That is how life works."  And further, as Abraham Hicks states, "If all you did was just look for things to appreciate, you would live a joyous, spectacular life."


In my personal opinion, things happen for a special reason...and that reason sometimes won't be clear until one day, you'll look back and say, "Aha!"

What I have recently learned though is the need to watch one's self-talk.  Although I'm very pleased to have released this first album, which at the time was borne out of the introspection and personal experiences then, I now look forward to the next album which is full of joy, growth, and positivity, while also including songs about observing other people's experiences too!  

Thank you.

Album Title: Life is not a dress rehearsal…so live in the present
Artist: Gia Clarissa
All songs composed by Gia Clarissa
All lyrics written by Gia Clarissa except Tracks 7 and 8 by Nick 
All keyboard and vocals by Gia Clarissa
All other instruments: percussion and guitar by Helmut Uhlmann; drums by Alex Cake on Track 3
Produced, Recorded and Engineered at Bunk Bed Beats Songwriting and Production Suite by: Helmut Uhlmann and Alex Cake

Bunk Bed Beats -
Edited, Mixed and Mastered by: Helmut Uhlmann
Graphic Design: Samantha Jade Reinke -
Photography: Studio 1000 Penrith

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